Therapy Services

I provide a variety of therapy services and models to meet the individual needs of you and your loved ones. 

I provide therapy services to individuals and families of all age ranges, from young children through adulthood.  I utilize a combination of therapy models in order to help you to achieve your goals using best practices and evidenced-based therapy models. 

Often, the dynamics of the family system play a vital role in the well-being of the individual.  Therefore, I often incorporate a combination of individual and family therapy throughout the course of treatment when determined to be beneficial in helping you to achieve your goals. 

As a parent, I recognize the challenges faced in helping our children to navigate their worlds. I also know how important support and guidance is in discovering what works best for our individual children. I work with adults parenting children through birth, marriage, adoption, guardianship or foster care to provide the expertise in exploring parenting strategies and discover what is the right fit between your parenting style and your child's personality and unique needs. 

As both an adoption advocate and adoptive parent, I provide adoption competent therapy services, as a  graduate of the accredited Training for Adoption Competency (TAC), provided by C.A.S.E. I encourage you to explore the Adoption Competent Therapy page to discover more about this service.

Additionally, I provide support and treatment for a variety of client needs and concerns including, but not limited to the following: men's issues, emerging adults, grief, LGBTQ affirmative therapy, anxiety, trauma, self-esteem, mood dysregulation, behavioral problems, anger, excessive shyness, identity, job/career stressors, and life transitions. I have received in-person training in the following evidence-based therapy models: 

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Online Therapy

Telehealth online therapy allows you the benefit of counseling from your computer or mobile device.


Therapy sessions may be solely online or a combination of in-person and online to meet your individual needs.


Telehealth sessions are conducted using a secure, encripted, HIPAA compliant online platform.


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Payment & Insurance

I accept most major insurances as well as EAPs, Checks, Cash and Credit Cards.

Contact my office or your insurance provider for additional information.